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News SignAll May 9, 2011

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today 9th of May, Happy European Day !

The network Europe 37, organises a European day on May 11th in Tours.

This day aims at raising the awareness of the citizens on European mobility.


– interactive activities and information on European mobility (with a focus on young people),

– exhibition promoting European youth exchanges,

– Cooking workshops to discouver European flavors,

– games and other activities for the youngest ones,

– and a debate on European citizenship …

Contact : E. Viard, STAJ Touraine, 00332 47 05 06 82



News SignAll February 3, 2011

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SignAll flagship projects for 2011

Since 2006 SignAll pursues its goal « to encourage the integration of young people from Region Centre into their European living space, to reinforce the links between the citizens coming from various European regions and,  as a result, to favor European citizenship and the fight against xenophobia.”

In 2011 we chose two directions:

  • To encourage the access of all young people from our region to European citizenship, mainly through European mobility
  • To work in favour of the recognition of European youth work as a tool for social and professional inclusion of young people

Here are the various actions foreseen for 2011 :

Councelling and support for project promoters and a resource centre for European youth projects

– A regional meeting on the thematic “EVS and inclusion : which projects for young people ?” (Tours, May 11th or 12th )

– An English training to remove linguistic barriers (Blois, October, 3rd-7th)

– A common website for our European network YER (Youth of European Regions)

– a survey, compendium of experiences called  : “Young, volunteer and European citizens in région Centre” (In the frame of 2011, European Year of Volunteering)

– Common  EVS hosting projects to raise the awareness about Europe in our region

– Various actions towards the recognition of European youth work as a tool for education and inclusion of young people


News SignAll January 4, 2011

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News SignAll December 3, 2010

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… Results from the seminar Come and Work With Me !

The European partnership building seminar for youth exchanges has been a real success.

As a whole, 38 participants from 14 countries gathered in Cepoy for 5 days of intensive work and intercultural exchanges.

Quiz in Action : test your knowledge on Youth in Action Program !

In addition to the thourough discussions on youth work in Europe, 12 European youth exchanges have been developped. The thematics and activities suggested are very diverse :  culture, environment, entrepreneurship or democracy in Europe.

To ensure a long term cooperation, an address book of partners has been edited and distributed to all participants for their future projects. This document is available in SignAll resource centre.  Additionally, it will be used as a tool to support project development in region Centre.

Fishing for project ideas

one thematic, one method ?

Intercultural evening

Organisations' fair


Some outstanding moments


Many thanks to all participants




News SignAll October 25, 2010

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Day -21 for our European seminar Come and Work with Me !

On Monday November 15th will start our European partnership building seminar Come and Work with Me!

Cepoy Youth Hostel

The Seminar will take place in Cepoy Youth Hostel (Loiret), France until Friday November 19th. The seminar will gather 40 participants from 15 different countries.

The seminar aims at encouraging participants to :

– understand the challenges of European mobility for young people (as a tool for European and local development)

– develop a common understanding of youth work (intercultural approach to youth work and non-formal education)

– build together projects on the basis of these objectives (educational projects that are attractive and open for active participation of young people)


description Come and Work with Me


The seminar team met from September 29th to October 1st to finalise the programme and methods of the seminar.

The team will be made of 3 European facilitators : Agne from Lithuania, Christian from Germany and Zoltan from Hungary, all three, as well as SignAll, belong to YER network (Youth of European Regions).

Concerning the French team, it will be made of the youth workers involved in the action-training initiated by SignAll since October 2009.


The European team at work !


News SignAll October 6, 2010

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Collective meeting of European volunteers

Since January 2007, SignAll coordinates the EVS hosting projects of CRIJ, FRMJC and Labomedia. This year STAJ Touraine decided to experience the great adventure of hosting  a European volunteer.

Standing (left to right) : Evita, Ramazan, Aleksei, Lydia / Sitting: Mehlika, Lisa, Conor

Cross portraits between a German speaking Belgian and a Northern Irish

SignAll organised on Monday, October 4th a collective meeting in order for the volunteers to get to know each other (some have only been here for 3 weeks) and to exchange perceptions on their hosting projects or their integration in Region Centre.

As for the important topics of the day : the role of the mentor, means to find cultural or sport activities for their leisure time or the identification of their learning throughout the project.

The volunteers also discovered SignAll platform, its various missions and its role in their EVS project.

The result of this day is very positive and the volunteers were very happy to take some distance from their hosting project. They also think of using the collective aspect of their EVS experience to lead a common project.


News SignAll September 9, 2010

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Let’s get back to work !

Signal islet, New Caledonia

Goodbye holidays, palm trees and white beaches… SignAll members are now ready to welcome their new European volunteers. Conor, Lydia and Evita will arrive on September 10th for a period of 10 to 12 months.

Profile of the new European volunteers

* Conor is 22. He comes from Carryduff in Northern Ireland. After nearly one year of expectation, he can now join CRIJ team to carry out his mission of European awareness for young people.

* Evita will be the first European volunteer hosted by STAJ Touraine. She is 23 years old and comes from the South of Riga, capital city of Latvia. She comes to develop her competences in youth work. Her participation will highly contribute to the development of the European dynamic initiated in Indre et Loire district.

* Lydia is German, from Saxony-Anhalt (partner region from Centre). She will be 19 in October and will carry out her EVS in FRMJC Centre. She will lead European awareness activities and promote diversity and human rights with young people.